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Top 5 Cars to Keep an Eye on in 2024

Top 5 Cars

to Keep an Eye on in 2024


Welcome to the automotive future of 2024! Explore innovation and style with our top car picks for the year. From electrifying models to luxurious SUVs, we’ve curated a selection that defines the driving experience of tomorrow. Dive into the latest trends and get ready to make 2024 the year you drive in style.

Toyota HiLux 48V – H1


Australia’s best-selling model is set to receive an update in 2024. In addition to its electrified powertrain, the 2024 HiLux will feature the innovative Multi-Terrain Select system, offering five pre-set options for various driving conditions. The electrified model is expected to set new benchmarks in both efficiency and off-road capabilities. 

With Toyota’s commitment to sustainability, this model showcases the brand’s dedication to combining cutting-edge technology with a robust and reliable design, ensuring an exceptional driving experience.

Lexus GX – H1

The Lexus GX will make its debut in Australia next year, expected to arrive in the first half of 2024. With the seven-seat GX, Lexus combines off-road prowess with a modern and comfortable interior. Boasting a 3.5L twin-turbocharged V6 engine and a suite of active safety technologies, the GX promises a seamless blend of luxury, performance, and advanced safety features.

As a versatile SUV, the GX not only delivers a superior driving experience but also provides the flexibility needed for family adventures and daily commuting, making it an ideal choice for those seeking both sophistication and practicality.

Jeep Avenger – H2

While designed for urban adventures, the Avenger’s rugged appearance and innovative features make it a standout in the electric crossover segment. With a 10.25-inch touchscreen, front-wheel drive, and a skid plate, the Avenger offers a distinctive Jeep experience tailored for city driving.

The Avenger redefines the electric vehicle market, providing an exciting and eco-friendly option for drivers who prioritise style, technology, and environmental consciousness in their daily commute.

Audi Q4 e-tron – H1


As Audi’s most affordable electric car, the Q4 e-tronis scheduled to arrive in Australia in mid-2024 and emphasises a spacious, compact design and advanced technology. Featuring a wide stance, large wheels, and a Singleframe grille, it offers a perfect blend of style and aerodynamics, setting a new standard for electric SUVs. 

The Q4 e-tron introduces a new era of electric driving, combining Audi’s legacy of luxury with a commitment to sustainability, ensuring that drivers can enjoy a premium driving experience while minimising their environmental impact.

Mazda CX-80


The First-Ever Mazda CX-80 has been officially confirmed for Australia. Positioned as the third model in Mazda’s new Large Product family, the CX-80 promises to distil the exemplary qualities of its CX-60 and CX-90 siblings. As a premium three-row SUV, the CX-80 aims to offer customers a broader range of options, contributing to Mazda’s ongoing commitment to innovation and product diversity. 

Combining Mazda’s signature design language with advanced technology, the CX-80 stands as a testament to the brand’s dedication to elevating the driving experience, providing an unmatched blend of style, functionality, and comfort.

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Be prepared!
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